Thursday, July 9, 2020
RITE Custom Software Development Process

RITE has a unique development process that we're very proud of because of the very high quality product that results. 

Our process ensures that we understand client's expectations with extraordinary clarity and the client knows precisely what to expect from their final product.  Our model lowers the client's risks by breaking the development cycle into phases that force preparation, thorough research, and efficiency.  The axiom - an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is at the base of what we do.

Phase 1:  Project cost estimate

This is the initial step in all of our projects.  We visit with you, the client, about your potential needs for custom software development.  At this stage we'll create a very basic document that outlines the scope of the project and our estimated time and cost.  This document will also include the possible next step of having us develop the project architecture (phase 2) for which there is a small fee.

Phase 2:  Project architecture development

During this phase of the project we'll need to have intense conversations with you about the requirements of the project.  Once we gathered our information we will;

  • Develop mock user interfaces so that you can see how the program will look/feel, how the user will interact, and, to a certain degree, experience the program before it is completely built.  Your feed back here is very important to us, we're happy to make revisions.
  • Develop a document outlining the logic that the program will use to perform its functions.  This will make you very aware of how the program will react if certain events happen.
  • Outline the data that our application is creating and where it's being stored.
  • Provide you with the structure of any custom reports we will build.
  • And finally, we'll give you a rock solid quote for the project.  If the project goes over budget it becomes our responsibility, not yours - you'll be hard pressed to find many other development companies that will to do this for you!

Phase 3:  Development of the software

If the quote is acceptable we will begin developing the software as outlined by the project architecture.  We will periodically keep you informed of progress as it's made.

Phase 4:  Release of the initial version to client, training, gathering feedback

At this point we'll release the initial version of the software to you, train you how to use it, and gather feedback on the product.  Your job will be to help us find any bugs in the software, which we'll correct.  We'll also confirm that the product is functioning as per the project outline and tweak it if needed.

Phase 5:  Release of final product

Once all the kinks are worked out we'll send you a final version and you'll begin using the product to streamline your business.

Phase 6:  Revisit the requirements - ensure product is meeting needs (optional)

Normally we revisit the project after a few months of use to confirm that it's meeting your needs.  Often the client is so happy with the outcome that they want to perform a second round of development to improve the product further.

That concludes the RITE custom software development process.  As you can see, it is built to ensure an extremely high quality product.

Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System

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