Tuesday, March 19, 2019
Partner With RITE

We have partnered with companies all over this nation and beyond to create mutually beneficial relationships.  Contact us at partners@rite.us to discuss how our companies can work together.

Some of the services we offer to our partners are:

  • RITE Plug-In Reseller Program

We offer a reseller program to other Microsoft Partners for our commercial RITE Plug-Ins for Microsoft Dynamics RMS and POS 2009 (see our Plug-In Directory for a current list). If your company is interested in becoming a RITE Reseller please complete and return our RITE Reseller Agreement. Once we receive a completed agreement you will receive a copy of our reseller customization order form with reseller pricing.

Download the RITE Reseller Agreement: Word 2007 Format PDF Format

  • Microsoft Retail Management System and Point of Sale Customization Services

One of our specialties is customizing Microsoft Dynamic Retail Management Systems and Point of Sale.  We have a team of full-time developers who are 100% dedicated and have studied these programs inside and out.  We find many specialty retailers have unique operations and require customization to make their point of sale solution them most for them.  We can give you an edge by offering a customized solution that can meet their needs better than any other system; often at a lower cost that some of the enterprise offerings that may only partially meet their special needs.

The end result: we can help you close a deal normally that may have otherwise been out of your reach.  The customer is happier with a solution tailored to their needs. How can you go wrong?

  • Offer your customers POS technology

Are you a business that works with retailers that need POS technology? Do you offer technology but want to outsource your clients POS needs to someone who specializes in retail technology? If so, RITE is the partner for you!

We'll join forces with your company to offer your clients a complete, seamless solution and RITE's reduced rates for partners makes it even more attractive.

Click here to find out more about offering POS technology to your clients.

  • Outsourced Help Desk / Support

We work with many partners who are great at selling and deploying solutions to retailers but hate getting bogged down with support calls, when they could be out selling! We've got the answer.  You can resell RITE's support and we'll be your 24/7 help desk.

Every time a customer calls you get an update on why they are calling.  If they purchase any additional support directly, you get a check in the mail. Couldn't be easier and now you can focus on selling instead of dealing with the pain.

  • Partner Assistance Program

Need help implementing a large scale or unique installation of RMS? Need advice on a project? Would you like some assistance closing a deal? Or how about using local technicians to do the onsite implement of hardware and software in a region that's out of your range? We can help with all of these!


Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System

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