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Complete Point of Sale Solutions

As your retail Point of Sale System Partner, RITE offers a complete retail POS system solution. Starting with an initial consultation with one of our Retail Technology Specialists, we are able to provide you with any of the following based on your specific business needs:

  • Retail POS software
  • Retail Hardened POS Computer Hardware
  • Retail Hardened POS Peripherals
  • Software Customizations and Plug-Ins
  • Professional Set-up and Installation
  • Training by Retail Experienced Staff
  • Ongoing Help, Support and Maintenance


    *FREE RITE POS Tools Bundle with each complete Microsoft Dynamics™ RMS 2.0 POS system purchased from RITE (a $249 value per lane)

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Liquor & Wine Cellar in Belvidere, IL
“As a sommelier, I try to bring my knowledge of wine down to a level that the average customer can understand. That’s what I liked about RITE. They’re technology guys...they really know their stuff, but they add a good way of bringing the info down to my level. They never made me feel dumb because I didn’t know something. Their service was absolutely outstanding...there’s no other way to put it.” -Kevin Wirfs, Manager

Microsoft Dynamics™ RMS 2.0

Microsoft Dynamics RMS Store Operations delivers a complete retail solution that can be run as a stand-alone application in individual stores, as well as connected to the head office using Microsoft Dynamics RMS Headquarters.

• Streamline business operations, including inventory, supplier
management, and POS processes.
• Save time and money by integrating credit and debit card
transactions at the POS.
• Make informed decisions with accurate data and powerful
reporting tools.
• Expand easily to multi-store operations.
• Reduce POS system and operating costs.

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RMS Overview

RMS Feature Sheet

RMS Feature Pack 1 (released September 2010)

Watch the Bells of Buxton Video Case Study

Microsoft Dynamics™ RMS 2.0 Headquarters

Microsoft Dynamics RMS Headquarters equips multi-store
businesses or chains to roll up and manage data for all stores
from the head office.

• “Poll” detailed sales and inventory data from multiple Microsoft
Dynamics RMS Store Operations installations.
• Manage prices, purchasing, and inventory—chain-wide, by region,
or by store.
• Set and monitor policies and procedures for all stores.
• View, analyze, and share information across your entire business.

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RMS HQ Data Sheet

RMS Feature Pack 1 (FP1) Overview

RMS Feature Pack 2 (FP2) Overview

Retail Management Hero

With an installed user base exceeding 40,000 stores globally, the time has come for Microsoft RMS to receive an overhaul and a facelift.

Re-branded as Retail Management Hero, this new version of RMS offers an updated user interface and new features and functions requested by RMS users.

Low cost upgrades and multiple migration options are available for RMS users wanting to upgrade to Retail Management Hero now or in a couple of years as well as positioning Retail Management Hero as a great point of sale solution for retailers who need more than what the tablet or mobile POS systems offer.

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RITE Customizations and Plug-Ins

Every independent retailer operates their business in a unique way which is best suited for their particular industry, product line, customer base or even location. This flexibilty, along with the ability to supply customers with specific services, is what gives these small to mid size retail businesses real power over their big box competitors.

RITE specializes in taking solid out-of-the-box retail POS inventory software, such as Microsoft Dynamics RMS and Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009, and then adding customized "Plug-Ins" or integrating with other products such as web sites, customer contact programs and more to create specific functionality for our customers.

Call us, we can help!

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RMS & POS 2009 Plug-Ins from RITE

Custom Software Development from RITE


HP Mobile Point of Sale Solutions

With HP's new line of corporate edition tablets hitting the market in 2013; this paved the way for new innovations to take place in the Retail POS environment. Now more than ever, it is the retailer’s job to create a more personalized experience. This solution transforms businesses with a mobile point of sale solution made specifically for the end user. The HP ElitePad™ integrated into the HP Retail Jacket enhances the customer’s experience "From the palm of your hand." - HP

Whether you want to have a hands on experience with your customers, or to give your warehouse staff the ability to accept inventory and orders; The HP Mobile Point of Sale Solution could be the right fit for your business. With RITE’s specialization to Microsoft Dynamics RMS and HQ you have an entire inventory management system at your fingertips and on the go.

This mobile solution is more than just having the ability to walk to your customers and check them out in line, you now have a solution to all of your travel and trade show needs. With the introduction of the new HP MX-10 you now have the option to secure your HP Mobile solution and give it the versatility of a stationary POS system. With this fully integrated solution you have; “mobility to stationary and back again – it’s a snap.” – HP

These solutions give your customers the experience you have been looking for. No more waiting in line to take the orders on a busy day, no more paper inventory and receiving nightmares; just a ready to go when they’re ready to buy solution. Make the RITE choice and choose what your business needs to better suit your customer, one sale at a time.

HP Mobile POS Solution for more information from HP

RITE's HP ElitePad™ Mobile Solutions

 Cloud Retailer

Offering the features and function of more expensive point of sale solutions with flexible easy to budget for payment options, Cloud Retailer is a viable alternative to a traditional point of sale system.

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Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System

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